Gothing Out

Two nights ago, I went to a gothic themed night club with my pack.

Image may contain: 5 people, including Rosemary Southam and Mary Seers, people smiling, people standing and indoorImage may contain: Bree Magenta Hayse, standing, shoes and indoor

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupImage may contain: Bree Magenta Hayse, standing, shoes and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, closeup and indoor

My pack is like this.

There’s the dominant one, Talicorn. Who sits in the drivers seat to drive her pack around in her car. She drives us for two reasons. First of all, she’s the leader. Secondly, she is the only one out of us that has a license. Talicorn is the leader. Or the Dom (stands for dominant.) Where she looks after her members to make sure they are happy, healthy and to make sure they both remember to EAT. (Magenta and I often forget to eat.) If the other members want to do anything, weather or not it involves her, we have to run it through her first. She has final say about everything. If we don’t, there is trouble.

Then there is the submissive, Magenta who sits in the passenger seat, right next to the Dom. Her wellbeing is VERY important to the leader, and she is well looked after. She gets the passenger seat because she has known the Dom longer than I have, and because she gets the next say about everything. I’m fairly close to her and care a lot about her too. And she looks after me.

Then there is the infant. You guessed it, that’s me. I’m the baby of the pack. I’m also a Submissive member, but I call myself the infant because I’m a good 7 years younger than the Submissive and 13 years younger than the Dominant and also, because I get third say about everything and am the least dominant. I sit in the back middle seat of the car, and bother the hell out of the Submissive because her hair hangs over the back seat. But she just tolerates it. Because that’s what we all do. We tolerate each other. And we all love each other.

Anyway, the three of us all did our best to appear as gothic as possible to fit in with this night club. I’m not a goth myself, but I felt really comfortable in that kind of environment around all those people. I want to go back often. But I think it’s only once a month. Talicorn looked amazing, and was really good at doing her make up. Magenta was just….


I mean she’s always beautiful, but I have never seen her look that beautiful in my life. I was speechless when I showed up to her house and saw what she was wearing. She can look good in anything.

We were gonna have pre-drinks, but ran out of time to drink them at the house because we took too long making our eyes look as dark as possible with mascara in the bathroom. So we put the drinks in disposable plastic bottles and drank them on the way there. It was a clever time saver. I pretty much skulled mine because mine was mixed with raspberry lemonade and I LOVE raspberry lemonade. But because I had an empty stomach (because I forgot to eat again) the alcohol went straight to my head.

When we got onto the train, I was sitting opposite Talicorn, and I slipped forwards a few times into her lap like a rag doll. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I felt REALLY weird. I sat in my seat with my legs on the seat next to me trying not to keep flopping while Talicorn and Magenta argued about something dumb.

Eventually the argument was sorted out when Magenta agreed to buy her a drink.

Drinks are great like that, they solve all disputes.

When we got off the train and I got some fresh air and ate some food, I felt like myself again.

Talicorn said I was just tipsy. So that was that.

Then we were in the club, where we danced to goth and metal music, drank more drinks and mingled with strangers. Magenta spent most of her time in the smoking areas talking to new people and having at least 112 ciggaretts.

We also met Derps there and we all danced in a big ring. There was one song playing that I particularly liked, about Mexico. I have never like goth or metal music, but I decided that just for tonight, I WILL like it. Magenta dances like she’s in another world of some kind, and Talicorn once went too close to the smoke machine and fell over. I met two really nice people whom Magenta introduced me to. They then added me on Facebook and I started messaging them. Everyone there looked amazing. Both punk and goth’s were there.

On the way home, I was collapsed on Magenta instead of Talicorn this time, and I kept almost falling asleep on her. Tal was having a nap on the other seat hiding under her jacket. When we had to change trains, I let Talicorn have her turn with Magenta because I could just tell that she wanted her, so we shared her. We can’t resist. She’s too warm and cuddly.

The next day, I woke up in the middle of the floor, got dressed and got straight into Talicorns car to visit this museum that I quite liked. Ofcourse I still had the goth make up on, but I didn’t mind because now that it had faded a little, it looked good on me. We stopped at Magenta’s house at about 2pm where she was still asleep (don’t blame her) and banged on her window extra hard to wake her up.


Was her response. I knew we just bothered her, but being the good friend she is, she got into the car and went with us.

At this place there was a competition where you could name a tractor and the best name won. I entered the name “Cormack.”

I hope I win.

I could write more but it’s getting late and I should be asleep. So I’m going to call it a night now.

Bye everyone!!



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