That same, long, pointless argument.

Has anyone here seen the recent episode of South Park with Marc Zuccherburg in it? South Park’s take on him is really really funny. He rocks up at people’s houses whenever he feels like it. Eats their food, sleeps in their bed, uses their toilet etc. No matter how many times they ask him to get out, he just uses his “schtyle” that is completely unblockable!!

I just thought I would share that. Anyways, I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday! I know I am. My friend pointed out something to me yesterday. You know that blog post I wrote yesterday titled: “Not Rainbow Dash?” Well in that post I wrote about Phantom Strider and my friend wanted some reference as to who Phantom Strider is.

Here is a video of him reading my fan letter to the world. I encourage you to watch the whole thing whilst he commentates on everyone’s letter as it’s quite good. But if you only want to watch the part with my letter, you can skip to: 13:20


To give you a bit of an idea of what this guy does, here is one of my favorite videos made by him:


If you liked that video, check out the top six “worst kids cartoons” as well plus all the other video’s by him. Just have a binge!!

As for my Winx Club game, I have gotton MUCH further now in the swamp level, but I haven’t found any of the hidden fairies yet. The whole point of that level is to complete my school assignment of finding 3 fairies hidden within the swamp. Computerized school work!! Yay! I’m completing school work for a fictional character!!

I have heard so many people say that they would love to attend hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I say, SCREW THAT!!! I want to tend ALFEA SCHOOL!!! For gifted fairies.

This is roughly where I’m up to in the game. I’m actually a little bit past here, but not much past it.

I now hope I’m much more clear about the subjects in my other blog post.

My circus job interview is tomorrow. I’m so excited!!! I’m not actually going to be showing them how to juggle, spin plates or climb rope though. No. It’s just a chat. A conversation. I’m kinda relieved. But I look forward to showing off my tricks once hired. I plan on practicing them today at the park. If it ever stops raining. In fact, I may even make a video of me demonstrating the tricks I know how to do. I could put my camera on a stand. And then put the video in this blog.

I’m getting very sick of everyone telling me what to do and thinking they know better than me when it comes to getting my life together. Especially the “I” word.


There are two basic ways people get income.

  1. They get a job. Paid work.
  2. They get one of the many available benefits from the government. Centrelink. Newstart. Youth Allowance. Pensions. Etc.

I would much rather have a job than be on ANY kind of payments. For two reasons. First of all a job pays A LOT more and I can better support myself with it. And secondly, I would like to feel as though I’m somehow contributing to the community weather it be by selling fruit, teaching a class, community or domestic gardening, putting books on the shelves to be sold etc. You get the gist. Everyone is currently contributing, WILL contribute or has previously contributed to the community to make the world work like one big giant machine and I’m sure there is something out there that I can do to contribute myself and would love to step in and do my part. There is no reason why I shouldn’t.

So I would rather have a job over benefits, however I would rather be on benefits than nothing. Right now I’m on nothing. And it sucks. I have been applying for every payment that I think I qualify for, but so far no luck. I have been rejected for all of them except for one of them which is still being processed and is taking 10 years. But if that one gets rejected too, then that means Centrelink is ruled out and I have to give up on it because that means I have tried everything they offer and don’t qualify for anything.

Whenever the topic of employment comes up with one of my friends, they ALWAYS bring up centrelink. I have tried explaining to my friends that centrelink won’t give me anything, but they just DON’T get it. I tell them that I have tried everything to get onto centrelink but I don’t quite qualify for anything, but they just go on and on…

“Have you tried to get onto the DSP? It’s really easy I can go over it with you..”

“You can get newstart it’s easy…..”

“Want me to come into Centrelink with you to set you up on something?”

“You could claim this…”

“You could claim that…”


Then we argue for ages about how I have tried everything, and they argue that I should keep trying.. it goes on for a while, then it ends. But then the next time I catch up with them, we have to have whole conversation and the whole argument all over again.

That is one of the reasons I look forward to getting a job. Hopefully the circus job. Because once I get a job, we can put an end to that same, long, pointless argument I have to have with all my friends every time I see them, because they will know I get payments from my job and that means they won’t bring up that “C” word…


I love going up to Wedderburn to see Orange, my friends, her family and the animals. I also love to walk in the bush and add to our cubby. I used to love being up there all the time and hated being down in Melbourne. But now, I dread going back up there because I know how much she dreads paying for everything and how pockey and germ infested her house is. There is muck on the walls, the fridge and the microwave and I don’t want to sound like a little bitch but I think that’s why I sometimes return from her place all sick. But I can handle all that. I have been handling that for a while now. It has never really bothered me until now really. But the thing that mostly bothers me now, is the fact that “the word” has gotten around her family. I know they don’t look at me the same. Her sister didn’t look at me at all when I was last at her house and her Mum didn’t say a single word to me. They don’t see me in the same way anymore. And I honestly don’t blame them. I’m lucky they even let me into their house at all. I’m surprised JCP didn’t spit at me.

You see, sometimes being honest and upfront about how you’re feeling and what’s been happening, is the best thing to do even if it upsets someone. I hate upsetting people, but if that’s the cost of doing what’s right, then that’s just that.

I’d rather be an honest little bitch than a freaking liar.

But the BIGGEST reason I dread going back there, is because I don’t want to be far from the bronies. Especially Tallicorn and Magenta Gleam. But also Cosmic, Twi Spark, Frequency and Leafy. I spent the other day with Tallicorn and Magenta Gleam and we went to woolies to buy flour and chocolate to bake cookies with. But my favorite part was listening to them both sing in the front to the song “piano man” they were so out of tune but I don’t mind as it was very enjoyable to me. Next time I’ll video them.

My friend Magenta gleam is a trans girl and she starts taking estrogen hormones on Tuesday!!! Which means she’ll get curves, hips, boobs, higher voice and more emotions. I love her just the way she is, but I’m still 100% all for her transitioning. I want what she wants. I think I’ll like the new Magenta with a more womanly body.

She and I plan to do some shopping in Feburary to get corset waist trainers! That feministic actress Emma Watson is against them because they are “unrealistic” and while I get where she’s coming from, I personally find them incredibly sexy. They can be used to help train your waist to shrink inwards and stay curvy if your wear them often enough. But I think I’ll wear mine under my clothes.


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