This is the first time I have ever blogged on a train. Im using this thing called a “smart phone.” And i gotta say, its really really smart. I can touch the glass to make it do things instead of pushing butttons. I can access the internet more easily, its got a much better camera and i dont need to delete old messages to make way for new ones. Cause each contact has their own messaging space. I’m not going to call it my phone though, I’m going to call it my ‘cell.’ I plan to use this device as an “electronic personal organiser’ with the calender, notebook, alarms, reminders and contacts. I had an electronic personal organiser but it broke. But before i went ahead to buy a new one or get it fixed, i decided to just wait for my new 4g phone to arrive in the mail and see how i went with it as it broke not long before my new advanced cell phone arrived. Amazing timing..

So far i quite like it. My 2g flip phone doesnt work anymore because they turned off all the 2g phone towers. Its just a momentum now.

Thing is though, i dont wanna have my nose in it 24/7. I dont want to download many games. I wanna use this for life and helpful things such as calenders, calling people, using google maps to help direct me and the ptv app to help me see when the next train is coming. I dont want to download many social apps either like kick, whisper, snapchat and instagram. All those apps are the biggest waste of time and i don’t know what anyone sees in them. Yet they are very addictive…

Ive got a skype account and a facebook account if anyone wants to reach me. I like those two social sites. They are decent. If you dont have an account in either of those then there is always my e-mail and phone number. You could give me a ring!!

If you dont have an email or phone number either then you are probably a hobo but even so i have a street address where you could send me a post card or physically walk/drive over and knock on the door.

So what I’m trying to say is that there is absolutely no reason for me to join up with any other social network group because there are plenty of ways you can reach me.

When I’m bored in public I will talk to whoever is with me, or if I’m alone i’ll listen to my walkman, read something off paper or do a cross word out of a book. And leave the phone untouched.


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