I myself, have never really been into you-tubers. Not my thing really. But if you love watching you-tubers and you follow/subscribe to your favourites, then good for you. I have nothing against that. I’m just stating that it’s not particularly MY thing. But even so, I’m going to write about them anyways.

Recently when I wanted to know out of curiosity which south park episodes were “the best” and which south park episodes were “the worst” I went on YouTube to see if anyone had made a video list. Sure enough, someone did. A reviewer called “Phantom Strider” made a video of the top ten best and top ten worst south park episodes. I rather enjoyed those videos, and I discovered that he had made many more reviews on other TV related things. “Top 10 worst movies of all time” “Top 6 best kids shows” “Top 6 ugliest cartoons” “Top 10 worst sitcoms” etc. I have watched nearly all of them. This guy is really good at making videos. He engages the audience with his visual and audio. He’s not like one of those teenage wannabe’s that talk in a really annoying voice in a really annoying way, he doesn’t swear or get angry, he doesn’t criticise real people and he lets you know every single time that it’s all his opinion and that it’s ok to disagree. He is calm, but still engaged in his video, with plenty of energy but not too much energy, he makes some good points and explains himself well, and can even be quite humorous too. He is just overall friendly. So I went from someone who had no interest in you-tubers, to someone with an interest in this particular you-tuber.

Now I’m going to talk about another you-tuber I happened to stumble across who isn’t so great…. Long story short she’s a cunt. Her name is Nicole Arbor and I stumbled upon one of her videos titled: “Dear Fat People” on my Facebook news feed. Curious I was, I watched it. In the video she is basically telling all people who are obese that there life is not worth living and that they are scum. Well my opinion on obese people is that they should loose weight to prevent health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea, but aside from that they are no different from anyone else and I would not tease or discriminate an obese person just because they have a few extra kilo’s. It’s their life not mine. All that cellulite is on their body not mine. The calories from the french fries they are eating are going to their thighs not mine. In my opinion they shouldn’t be eating french fries they should be eating salad but because it is none of my business, I just let them do them.

Let me explain something. Problems. We all have them. We all have problems that we eventually over come. Or if they can’t be fixed we get used to them/find a way to cope. Sometimes, the problems you have are not your fault.

E.g. Muscular dystrophy, being born amongst poor parents, getting bullied, a tree falling through your bedroom window at night due to a storm, being stuck in a bush fire etc. Sometimes you don’t bring things onto yourself, bad stuff just happens.

Other times, you DO bring things onto yourself. You make a mistake that’s hard to “unmake.” It could be an addiction or habit. For instance you try smoking and get addicted and you want to stop but find it really hard too. Other addictions include alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, gambling and sex. People get themselves into addictions and find it hard to get out of. Most of the time they are already aware of the fact that they have an addiction and they know it’s a problem and they really do wanna stop. In this instance, Nicole was talking about people who had a FOOD addiction. People addicted to food. At one point in their life they turned to food for comfort and then it became a dangerous addiction that affected their health.

I bet most of these people with a food addiction feel bad about it and want to stop but need help doing so. They are already aware of the impact it has on their health. So all Nicole Arbor did in her video was just state the obvious: “fat is unhealthy” “you need too loose weight” in the meanest possible way. These people already felt bad about their problem and now this blonde bitch was just rubbing it in their face and making them feel even more worthless.

If you wanna help someone:











I for one have two addictions. An internet addiction, and a sugar addiction. I am slowly and gradually improving on them both. Baby steps. I have been aware of my internet addiction for quite a while now and I tried to stop but at first it was just really hard to not be on my computer. I kept coming up with strategies and techniques and now, finally, something is working. I have been spending less time on the internet lately.

But one night at the dinner table, Dad was all like:

“This has been going on for a while now and I think it’s time I said something.”

In my head I was saying: “Oh boy here we go, what is it this time?”

Then he was yelling and getting all rude and angry about the fact that I spend a lot of time on the internet. He was just stating the obvious that I already knew and bashing me for it, making me feel like less of a person becasue I had this problem. What he really SHOULD have done, was have a calm conversation with me and say:

“I have picked up on your addiction to your computer and I wanna help you find ways to over come it.”

And then he could suggest ways I can over come it. We could then talk about how it all started, what is it about the internet that gives me comfort and how I could find the same comfort other ways.

You know what I mean. We should have had a conversation, rather then him yelling the obvious across the table.

So Nicole and Dad had it ALL wrong. Nicole should have done a video full of tips and advice to help people who binge eat to stop, and not be a bitch about it.

I really hope that Nicole Arbor learns her lesson or just stops making videos. As she just does not belong on the internet.

Here is her video:

Dear Fat People



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