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Hey Everyone. I’m back. I did take a lil holiday from the blog to focus my mind on other things, but I am back and ready to write again.

Today I am going to write about Pauline Hanson’s (a politician) comments about Autistic children in the classroom.

(If you don’t already know, Pauline Hanson wants the autistic kids to be taken out of the mainstream classroom and put into their own classroom in the school so that they can get the attention and care they need, and the rest of the children won’t need to be held back due to the teacher spending all their time with them. And so the *auties won’t “disrupt” the neuro’s.)

I know what some of you may be thinking:

“Oh god here we go, she’s gonna go on and on about how offensive her comments were and what not.”


I have my own very different views from the majority of the crowd. The media has been telling me that the majority of the crowd are all *gaypansie about it. You know, all offended and upset and going on about how autistic children are gifted and deserve to be together as one with the rest of the children and how segregation is never the answer and for equality for all etc etc you know what I mean.

*Gaypansie- The hippy,happy,lovey-dovey state of mind people get when it comes to social issues. Such as Inclusion, acceptance and equality.  Usually expected.

*Autie- Someone with autism.

Yeah, I believe in acceptance, equality, inclusion, integration, and all that gay stuff, but I am totally FOR the idea of having the autistic kids in their own classroom. And it’s not because the auties hold the neuro’s back or because the neuro’s hold the auties back. Ok, enough rambling on. Just get to the point!

As an Autistic child myself, I reckon I would have felt much happier in a classroom of my own with the other autistic kids. It would be nice to go to school and be in a learning environment away from all those cocky, know it all, dick-head neurotypicals.

I can just imagine myself now, I can picture myself in year 4, walking into our own little room in the school that is just for us, no neuro’s allowed. A safe space. Being surrounded by people with a parallel (but not identical) cognitive system. I take my seat in the middle row, not the front and centre row, and put my books away in my desk tub in the order I choose without the girl next to me going “they don’t have to be in that order” In fact, the girl to my left says hello to me in her own way, and the boy to my right shows me his new footy cards he bought on the way to school. I don’t like football but I do love collectors, so I show an interest and then in return I show him the coin I found on the way to school that will go into my coin collection. We are still a little early so we all have a game of marbles on the rug whilst we wait for our teacher. We don’t talk much during the game, but it doesn’t matter because it is still exciting and intense enough as we all concentrate hard on our next move. Our teacher finally arrives, and she says good morning and does the roll. She does not yell or raise her voice as she calls out our names, as we can all hear her just fine in a low volume voice. We’re all auties after all! As we do our work, the teacher does not get frustrated if we misinterpret, misunderstand, don’t understand, or do our work wrong. In fact, these cases are quite rare as our teacher is really good at breaking things down and being as clear as possible as she has been trained to understand autism. The entire class room is sensory friendly with it’s muted colours, lights, fabrics, and temperature. The teacher lets us step out whenever the work is too much and we just need to go for a walk and get a drink for a break, as she understands an information overload can be a bit much and needs time to process. There is a cushion corner with lots of calming toys and items such as lava lamps, kinetic sand and soft teddy bears where the teacher takes the child when they have or are about to have a tantrum. Or if they are just generally stressed. And best of all, cause we all have the same condition and all the neuro’s are else where, we don’t get no stupid questions such as “Why don’t you talk much?” “Why are you like this” “Why are you like that?” It would be paradise.

That is my vision of being in a separate class room with other auties.

I can sum that whole paragraph up in three statements. Having the autistic kids apart from the neuro’s means:

Less Bullying, More friendship, More Understanding.

My older sister says that if the autie kids have their own class away from the neuro’s, the kids won’t know what it’s like to be with a neuro if they are autistic, or with an autistic if they are neuro. Because in the “””Real World“”” autistics and Neuro’s are mixed. Such as during work, during family events, University, community events and in the neighbourhood to name a few. So she is AGAINST her comments. She considers it segregation, but I actually think that putting the autistic kids in with a mainstream class is segregation because then all the auties are all split up in other parts of the school, they are segregated from one another rather then all put together where they can be a more of an understanding family. You can look at it like that too. I like too.

Anyway I see her point there, but this is my response to that:

The children will “mix” during recess, lunch time, art, gym, music, school events, before school care, after school care, and the journey to and from school itself. And when school isn’t on, children will mix with the children in their neighbourhood, holidays programs, family members and any other social event outside of school. I also want the teacher(s) who teaches the autistic kids to come along to the electives such as art, gym and music to help out so that they can help the art/gym/music teacher with understanding autism.

Then she said that that wasn’t enough and that they should be together during normal class as well.

Well. I think the auties should have their own classroom for the 3 statements I made above. Less Bullying, More Friendships and More Understanding. And I don’t think going back to “More Bullying” “Less friendships” and “Less Understanding” is worth it just so that we can “mix” and “learn to work with auties and neuro’s” when we already will be mixing enough during other things anyway. Besides, mixing auties and neuro’s together in the classroom doesn’t necessarily “teach” and neuro how to work with an autie, it just gives them a bullying target. It only “teaches” them how to be a dick head. We don’t need more cunts like Rachael Ezzat in the classrooms. I would take a classroom with other auties and no neuro’s ANY DAY then be “included” in an “integrated” class room with that cock sucker Rachael, and her army of whores. (Pheobe Condon, Alice Buckley, Maddy Keesly).

(Yes, I do provide the full, real names of my former bullies on my blog as they deserve to be mentioned and published for all to see, as they are so proud of themselves for what they did, that I wanna help them get famous.) No cares given. 🙂

So anyway, what I am saying now, is that I disagree with my sisters point of view for the reasons I gave. I rebutted her arguments in this blog. But I reckon she would be more likely to agree with me if she were also autistic and went through what I went through. All the neurotypicals are all offended and going on about the gaypansie stuff about acceptance and integration and blah blah blah. It’s typical. It’s what you would expect as a first reaction from the neuro’s. But I have just given a you a whole new view of it.

So Pauline Hanson, I agree with you. For very different reasons to yours, I agree.


One last thing I wanna mention, is that when people say crap like:

“Bullying is a part of life,”

“You need to experience mean people now so that you will be used to them later on,”

Well, that is such bullshit. When there is a bully you gotta MAKE THEM STOP!!!! You have to avoid negative people as much as possible. You do not NEED to experience bad people, and bullying should NOT be looked at as “a part or life.”  No Neuro or Aspie (Aka no PERSON) should ever be forced into tolerating a bully/bad person. So when I hear an argument like:

“Aspies may be bullied if mixed in with the neuro’s, but that is all a part of life and will teach them how people are in the real world.”

It just makes me want to give up on society and leave this planet all together. Like I’m not going to stand up to any bullies because you know, it’s all a part of life and it’s ok.

If separating the auties from the neuro’s will stop the auties from being bullied, I am all FOR it. The auties do NOT need to experience bullying what so ever.


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