It’s that time again. Time I write another post. Please just get me out of this hell hole. I no longer want to live at my parents house. Idc where  I live next but anywhere is better then here.  I applied for the DSP and it sure as hell is taking a while to get here. Please free me from all the snobs that surround me. I want out.


Mum and Dad are not bad people, but I sure as hell wanna get a place away from them. They really get on my nerves and make me wanna project to la la land or something.

I do have my birthday party coming up, but right now I’m not even sure if I can look forward to that due to all my friends not giving a rats ass about it, as I’ll be the only one at the table.

Thing is, every time  I wanna create an event I get all this bullshit from the people I invite. I make things very clear and tell everyone everything they need to know, and I still get asked obvious questions, I get asked things time and time again that I have already explained on the chat/group/event page, I repeat myself, have to chase people up, put up with excuses, I get criticised for doing this and that wrong, people argue, or try to take control of the event, or they call the event “pointless.”


At least I’m going to the gym soon. At least then I’ll be away from it all. Even if it is short. It’s better then nothing.

Tomorrow, I may spend all day at the gym. To avoid the snobs that surround me in my house, and constantly try to put me down just because I’m unemployed.

Well, when I do get employed, you can all farewell me as  I walk out the door with my suitcase.


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