Science Fiction Double Feature

I am not good at anything. We all have our talents, some people are just naturally good at certain things like football, singing, dancing, painting and drumming. I’m not a natural at anything. Or so I thought. But then I remembered, I do have a talent after all! I am good at writing. Writing is my only natural talent. So, I thought why not write books for a living? Be a writer as a job or career. Correction. I am already a writer as I write in this blog. I wanna be an author, an author gets paid to write and gets things published in shops, I’m just a writer. Time to stop writing and start authoring. Be just like Joanne Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Enid Blyton, Charles dickens, Herman Melville, E.L. James and James Mathew Barrie.

Science fiction or “SImage result for science fictionci Fi” tends to really focus on the whole “outta space” theme with other planets, galaxies, aliens and UFO’s. But can’t sci fi be based on earth? Like “futuristic” earth? Or be based on earth AND in space? Like on that show Futurama? I think so. Well when you write, you can let your imagination run wild as it’s a world you can control.

Image result for fantasy

Another theme I wanna explore is “fantasy” and there really isn’t a huge difference between sci fi and fantasy. But I think fantasy is more about magick and mythology where and sci fi is more about technology and life in other parts of the universe. Sometimes being futuristic. But I would love to write a series of books about being a pagan, and exaggerate all the magick and beliefs a wiccan, witch or druid may have. They could do spells in the middle of the night, take magick too far, break the rules and then they can run into christian groups that tell them they are going to hell. There can be fairies, mermaids, imps, elves and Pegasus’s that only appear when you go to certain parts of the world on a map, then do a certain spell or ritual to see them. I can have a lot of fun with this. I don’t wanna write books for children or adults, I wanna write for adolescents. That wonderful time when you are between the two. And seeing as the main characters will also be between 12 and 23, it fits perfectly. 6 witches. That all find each other though a series of events, and start a coven. The youngest 12 the oldest 22, and the other 4 somewhere inbetween. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22. It’s like counting by two’s. Well I better stop writting this blog now and start planning! But first I need to cook dinner. My little sister is hungry. Bye!!



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