The Heart Broke Kid

Image result for broken heart‘The heart broke kid’ is an episode of the Simpsons where Bart eats too much food from the school vending machines and becomes very very fat indeed. He suffers a minor heart attack and after an intervention, gets sent to a fat camp to loose the weight. Anyways he was literally heart broken as he had a heart attack, but the title makes it seem like a metaphorical broken heart. I am here to talk about a metaphorical broken heart. It’s not my heart, it’s Hermosa’s. Hermosa was heart broken when she first heard a story from her partner that went like this:

“When I first heard about you through my friends, I added you, started talking to you, but then I met someone else in person, and started talking to them more and you less. I was hoping to get somewhere with them, but also keeping you in mind as a possibility as well. So then me and them spent some time together and they turned out to be a cunt so I stopped talking to them altogether and started talking to you more, met up with you, and I am so happy that you and I work and go well together. I am glad that me and that other person didn’t work because if me and them did work, I wouldn’t be with you.” 

The reason that Hermosa is heart broken, is becasue she feels like a plan B. Like, her partner used her as a back up plan.

I can see where she is coming from, but I have a completely different view point on the whole story. Like, I understand that when you first hear a story like that, it can make you think that Hermosa was second in line and not first, and I understand that it can deeply offend thinking that someone else was more prioritised then they were. But like I said, I have a different opinion. Here is how I see it:

When a person is not in a relationship, aka they are single, they are free. They have freedom to experiment and muck around with as many people as they like. Weather that be one night stands, party hook ups, going on several blind (or not blind) dates, talking to a bunch of different people on tinder, etc they can do what they want with whoever they want (as long as the other agrees) becasue they are not in a relationship.

Image result for freedom of being single

Hermosa’s partner (HP), was single at the time, and was looking for a relationship and keeping an open mind and all options open. HP went to get to know this other girl first, but NOT BECAUSE THEY LIKED THIS GIRL BETTER, but for two very fair reasons.

  1. HP had already met this girl in person at an event where as Hermosa was just known on facebook.
  2. Location made it easier for HP to go visit her first before going to visit Hermosa much further away.

I reckon most people would get to know the girl they had already met and lived closer to them first, before focusing on the girl who lived ages away and had not yet met face to face. HP was gonna meet Hermosa and get to know her anyways regardless of how well the ‘getting to know you day’ went with the other girl. I mean, it went terribly and the other girl was no longer an option, but even if it went really well and a relationship was likely, HP was still gonna meet Hermosa and see how well it went as well.

Two options came up for HP, and as HP was single, they could take their time getting to know each girl whilst they were still single, and any other girls that came up as well, and then date the one they really connected with, or date neither one and keep looking. But just because two possibilities came up for HP and HP chose to get to know one before the other, does not mean that the one chosen to get to know first was favourited, HP just did it that way for convenience. Back then, Hermosa was nothing more then a facebook profile to HP, where as the other girl had been met in person at an event so she stood out more, but was not “favourited”. But now, after all this time, Hermosa is the love of HP’s life and the other girl is nothing. And wouldn’t have it any other way.

In short, Hermosa WAS NOT a back up plan, a second option or a plan B. Hermosa and the other girl were equally considered but one had to have a trial first before the other one because HP can’t visit them both at the same time. And the other girl had first trial due to HP knowing them better, and location. But the other girl left the options way before HP even had a chance to get to know Hermosa, so it did seem like she was second option, but honestly she was not.

HP was just trying to make the right decision, and having the other girl leave so soon and having Hermosa stay on made it a whole lot easier, but even if the other girl stayed and continued to like HP, HP may of still chosen Hermosa even if the other girl wanted her. But becasue the other girl didn’t stay for the next bit, it’s impossible for HP to know which one they would of chosen if that had happened.

I just really hope that HP can make it up to Hermosa and try to make her understand that things are different when you are still single and that back then they were nothing but fb friends, and not be heart broken anymore.

(Also, HP was really blunt when they told the story to Hermosa and made it sound a lot like a plan b, and perhaps should have re-worded it to make it sound the way it should.)



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