An extra hole

Ostara went well. It went really well. The only part that failed was the part where we were having an Easter egg hunt in the hallway, yet only half the eggs were found because the guests didn’t wanna look for eggs in the linen cupboards and little draws because of “common courtesy.” I bet if my guests were little kids they would go diving into every draw, cupboard and shelf looking for eggs. But I gotta remember that young adults go about egg hunts differently. I mean, I know they were only trying to be polite and respectful, but common now, this was an EASTER EGG HUNT!!!! You are supposed to hunt everywhere you can. They were too polite. I didn’t realise you could be ‘too polite’ until now. Like, if they were snooping through cupboards just for curiosity when they were over, I would be annoyed, but a hunt is a hunt. I wouldn’t have put them there if I didn’t want them going through the cupboards.

Ostara officially came to an end today. I took the dead flowers out of the cauldron they were sitting in and buried them in the ground along with the egg on my alter. Back into the earth they originally came from. (Well yesterday the egg rolled off my altar and broke onto the carpet so I took one out of the fridge and pretended it was the same one.)

Then I planted a flower bed. It looks kinda pretty and I shall upload a picture of them once they are looking their best. I also filled up about 10 pots and planted a bulb in each one of them that I had left over from the party.

Something I don’t get, is why whenever we are having a party, and everyone chips in some food, Samsonite wants us to chip in for his “chipping in.” Such as: ‘I’m gonna make spaghetti so everyone give me $5’ or ‘If you all chip in I can make taco’s.’               It kinda gives me an idea. I could bring a packet of skittles and be like: “These cost me $5  so everyone here needs to give me 35c.” Then I will save a lot of money.

Me: Stop picking on him.

Also me: Why? Its worth writing about.

Me: He’ll come after you…..

Also me:….

On another topic, I have been dropping all this weight lately. It just goes down more everyday and now I need to buy new pairs of pants and poke an extra hole in my belt. Yet when I look in the mirror, I think I look exactly the same. I don’t see it or feel it, but there is proof that it’s there by the bathroom scales and my wardrobe. Don’t worry it’s not a HUGE amount, it’s only a small amount and I haven’t even been exercising, I just been eating lettuce and lean ham with apple cider vinegar. It is actually quite a nice combination. But seriously though I am going to have to start exercising again I haven’t been to the gym in over a week.

Image result for thinspiration

This is literally what it feels like to wear pants right now. They just don’t sit one me. They slide down. And the belts I own don’t go tight enough around me either. So I gotta search the house for some hole punching device. And buy some new pants.

(The girl in the photo is not me, I’m not THAT thin, I was just using it to show you what it’s like to wear the pants I own at the moment.)


I went to club retro the other day with two friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. I absolutely loved it. Too bad for her though the smog machines messed with her and we had to sit down bored outside. Luckily though they let me go in alone to dance to some more retro 70-90’s music. I think I now know what I’m going to do for my 20th birthday. I think we should all eat dinner at the pancake parlour and then go to club retro, before we all head home again and Orange stays the night at mine of course because of the long distance. Hopefully she can handle all the people.

If you haven’t already heard, my blue glasses came in the mail today, they are such a relief from bright lights all around me and everyone at the club complimented them. One stranger at club retro even took a selfie with me wearing them. But I just HAVE to go back there.



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