More important things

You can forget about my last story. Who even cares anymore? There are more important things to worry about then reproductive rights. Weather or not they give them the right is not the issue. I don’t care what others think no more or what they think of me about this. What we should REALLY be discussing is do penguins have knees?

Why yes, in fact they do. You just can’t see them as they are all hidden behind feathers.

On another topic, here is a video of me asking the universe to give me a job:

As you can see, the lady up front is the universe refusing to give me work regardless of my efforts. And I am the man in the top hat and beard (and the man next to him) asking over and over again if  I can have a job.

Well, I think the universe is refusing to give in to my commands for a reason. I have been on a bit of an adventure since my last day of tafe, all the way up until now where I haven’t been working or studying.  I have really lived…. All this crazy stuff has happened. I met jade and her friends/family, I got familiar with Wedderburn, I helped re-home 4 kittens, I started building a club house in the woods as well as finding gold during the Wedderburn Jambourie, I went to baby Riley’s wiccaning, I started designing my own dress, I fixed up two abandoned bikes which I then sold to Stripes and Orange, I went on great big long driving lessons, I got Jade a cat, I got myself some Irlen glasses which I never new existed until recently, I met this crazy Christian lady who I spent some time with, I spent time with Robin’s sister as she took me to her church and the RSPCA twice, went to the reptile exhibition, got some fab new jewellery, I started a gym membership where I have been doing all these interesting classes such as barre, body balance and step, I made Orange a confidence book, I got myself some orthotics to make walking a little easier, I started playing a PC game Orange got me called south park the stick of truth where I got so far in the game, but then had to start all over for some reason grr. Found a collector’s item at the Sunday market, gained a few pen pals and cast many candle’s on my altar. All of which would have not been possible if I was working over all that time. I mean, I know I wouldn’t be working 24/7, but it’s not just about having TIME to do all those things becasue it’s also about the butterfly effect. Get a job which causes this to happen which makes this happen so that happens etc.

Pretty soon I will be an apprentice gardener at Fleming’s nurseries if nothing changes, and I must admit it looks like a beautiful place to work if nothing changes.

This job goes along with my path of being pagan extra well. Being close to nature.

Here is the website:

Once I start work, I gotta get myself some slip boots and a straw hat. Then I will start to feel in the zone with my uniform on.

Related imageImage result for straw hat


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