Behind the Scenes

Today I’m going to write about writing. I have been getting some very good feed back. Most of it from Harmony who is my second biggest fan. (Don’t correct me if I’m wrong Harmony). She reads them all and then gets back to me. A lot of my posts have her involved in them. Parallelogram can’t read my blog cause I blocked her and Powers off Facebook a while ago cause they are too strange. I like strange people, but not too strange that it becomes creepy. I think maybe Legs is my biggest fan cause she randomly messaged me saying:

“Mary!!! I absolutley LOVE your blog, i literally read every post, i love how you write! You should do it more!! Youre amazing at it!”

And then:

“But yeah, i absolutley love your writing”
“Ive been meaning to tell you for a while!” 
“Honestly i dont know because they are all amaing”
“Like, the way you write is perfect, it engages reAders while showing exactly how you feel”
“I just wish there was more!! If theres anything else youve written id love to read it”
I had no idea my friend Legs read it at all. I have no idea who does and doesn’t read it unless they say they do or don’t.
My friend Jam thought my article “Girls and Triangles” was quite interesting. While Rhombus and Coby and all their friends liked “Pole Dancing” my relatives liked “Riley” and “Sunday” and Lilac liked “O Hours” the best. Harmony keeps telling me I need to get my facts right in my stories about her. There are sometimes two sides to the story but I’m not changing it. As far as I know my facts ARE right they are MY SIDE to the story. She can write her own blog with her side of the story. That’ll be interesting.
Ok, enough boasting I don’t want my head to grow so big I can’t fit through the front door. But I LOVE feedback weather it be good or need to improve I like my feedback so I can improve it. But I want to teach a writing lesson now to anyone who want’s to know how to write public journal entries which is what I do. There are just 5 points to remember.
1. Write from the heart more then the head
2. Be honest and blunt
3. Block out other peoples voices
4.  Be silly
5. Exaggerate once in a while
1. Write from the heart
A journal is really just someone’s thoughts on a particular topic or the events that happened that day. So don’t think of it as an essay and NEVER plan what you write. Don’t over think your sentences just keep them as they are in your head. An essay has to be carefully thought through and planned every sentence and paragraph. Where as a journal entry just flows from your head and heart with your thoughts and feelings on whatever and it shouldn’t make you stuck like an essay, as everyone has thoughts.
2.Be honest and blunt
Don’t make things up and change things around, just say it as it is straight forward the way you view it and it will be a lot more interesting.
3. Block out other peoples voices
While you are writing about debatable topics where someone else who may read it may not agree and you can hear their little voice in your head giving you all those arguments you have heard before, ignore them completely because it’s not their journal it’s yours and no one has the power to tell you what you can and can’t write about. You’ll get a lot further as well.
4. Be silly
Find funny topics to write about and use your imagination to write about quirky things. No one likes a blog full of really boring topics full of facts & figures where everything is told as it is. Be more about life.
5.  Add a few exaggerations here and there but don’t over do it. Only exaggerate certain things when necessary to make it funnier or more interesting.
Writing just comes naturally to me and I just broke it all down for anyone who wants to know how to write journals. Essays, stories, poems, articles and non-fiction are a lot harder because they all have to be planned and take longer but they come naturally to me too. Just remember with journals not to think too much just write and see where it takes you.

One thought on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Thanks Mezza 👍🏼
    I’m just trying to finish off a story on my blog now. It’s amazing how even though I write about real events I struggle with motivation to write them. You’d think that stories based on true events would be easy to write – apparently not… It takes so much energy 🤔🤔


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